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Create a wonderful tribute to the one you love by inviting family & friends to send audio memories, photos and video clips.

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Gathering Memories is the perfect tool to create a video tribute for the one you love.

Invite friends and family from anywhere in the world to contribute their own audio memories as well as photos and video clips. All pieced together to create a polished, professional beautiful tribute, simply and easily with no video editing skills required.

'Thank you for making my video amazing and for enabling me to make this for my Mum, my family and those who cannot attend his funeral.

This video was made with love, tears, and the odd bit of Prosecco thrown in. It has been my honour and privilege to be part of creating this to remember my Dad.'

Nicola Peterson

How It Works

Send Invitations To Contributors

Sign Up for free and send a personalized invitation by SMS, email or social media to family & friends.

Contributors click on the invite & record a memory at their own pace and can add photos or a video clip.

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Receive Wonderful Memories

Collect Memories From Anywhere

Using Gathering Memories you will receive special memories sent by friends & family far and wide at any time.

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Listen & Review

Review Incoming

We notify you as each memory is sent. You can hear recorded memories and see photos as soon as they arrive.

You can logon to your account and organize memories easily to change the order or add photos and a video clip.

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Advanced Audio Processing

Voice Enhancing Technology

Our voice enhancing technology cleverly removes background noise and adjusts the tones and levels of your spoken memories to sound wonderful.

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Music Makes Perfect!

Add Music
To The Experience

Choose from any of our 350 standard music tracks or upload any song you wish to use. We will blend your chosen music with your spoken memories to create a beautiful backing track to accompany your images and video clips.

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A Beautiful Final Product

Full HD Video Tribute

We finally compile all your memories together to make a beautiful Full HD Video. It’s the perfect personal and unique memorial to your loved one.

You can download the video to use at your service or share it as a long term treasured keepsake for your family & friends.

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A Guarantee & Message From Our Founder

In 2013 I found myself in the situation where a Brother suddenly died young. Because he was so unique, we needed to find a way to express the sentiments of family & friends in a unique way too. Some of my Brothers friends were far away and couldn't attend the ceremony.

As audio and web technology specialists we came up with the idea to record a few spoken memories from contributors near and far and set them to music. Little did we know that we had created a wonderful platform for gathering thoughts and messages. Many, many copies of the recordings were requested by attendees, these remain a great comfort to them several years later.

Gathering Memories is the result of our direct experience and need to honour a unique life in a fitting way. We Guarantee to help you lead and create a fully inclusive, heartfelt tribute that will be a treasured keepsake for friends & family for many years.

Thankyou for visiting Gathering Memories