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FAQ /Memorial-Video-Questions

Please read and click the appropriate question below to see our answers. There is a question form at the bottom of the page if we haven't already covered your question.

It is a well-known fact that the human voice expresses emotions in the best way possible. Nothing beats a well prepared and well-delivered personal spoken tribute. This is why we are unique and have focussed our service on gathering the very best heartfelt spoken memories from family & friends. Capturing these emotions and memories and setting them to music with photo's and video clips delivers the most personalized and meaningful memorial tribute available. No one else offers this type of comprehensive service.

Our motto is 'Because Their Memory Matters'. It is natural to want to remember a person in the best, most genuine and heartfelt way possible. This is what our service is dedicated to.

1, Part Of A Remembrance Ceremony – not replacing the main Eulogy but as a 'reflective' moment where you may have considered playing music.

2, Online Memorial To Be Shared – A place online to visit for family & friends and for those who were not able to attend the ceremony (because they live far away, are on holiday or are infirm).

3, A Long Term Comforting Keepsake – Close relatives & friends may want to occasionally revisit the collective memories preserved at the time. This is especially true where connections unique to that person were lost to those that remain (such as ex-work colleagues or a best friend). Hearing a wide appreciation of the person memorialized helps the ongoing grieving process and maintains the comfort of how that person was more widely appreciated.

The simple answer is 'Yes'. The Invitation you create will come from you and will explain how to record a memory on any mobile phone/tablet or computer. We offer comprehensive guidance and advice for contributors. Allowing contributors to record and review a sentence at a time means that perfect memories are captured, even from the most nervous. The final results are concise, heartfelt memories that deliver a fitting tribute.

We recommend being as inclusive as possible. You will be surprised where wonderful memories are sent from. Family & friends will be able to share the invite link and you will find that quite quickly you receive wonderful memories. It may be helpful to draw up a shortlist of those you must include and widen the invitation if you need more memories.

At times of loss, family members rally around to help each other. This is where younger family members can help. This help may include help writing or recording a memory or scanning and adding a photo (free smartphone apps are available). One person can easily record more than one memory using their phone and help others.

Our system allows you to record one sentence or paragraph at a time. You can listen to each part before moving on, achieving the perfect combination of words and emotions together. You join your sentences and send your memory at the end when you are happy. If you don't like your memory as you go along, simply start again. If you feel you want to improve your memory, send another one and choose not to use the previously recorded one.

Yes. When a contributor records a memory we ask if they wish to add a photo or video clip. We will then send a link for them to click and upload up to 3 photos or 1 video clip to accompany their memory. Additionally, the customer can add photos or video clips directly onto each memory received as well.

We have found that by giving contributors time and space to gather their thoughts, you will receive some remarkable, well-considered and expressed memories that will give comfort. Gathering Memories is perfect for those who may wish to speak at a ceremony but don't feel comfortable or capable of standing up and speaking. It's also the perfect way to include those far away who cannot attend as well.

No, you can gather memories from anyone, anywhere in the world and at any time. Our service is perfect for bringing families together across great distances to deliver a heartfelt, fitting tribute.

Yes. When you create your invitation, you can use your own words and can set any requirements such as how long to speak and subjects not to mention. You will need to avoid a 20-minute 'ramble' and so contributors will find some direction quite helpful. You also may need to set a date for all memories to be sent, particularly if the video is for use at a ceremony. We automatically set the memories submission deadline 3 days before any ceremony date to give you ample time to complete the video.

You can simply choose not to use any recorded memory when you review them. You may wish to ask a contributor to re-record a memory that may be too long or inappropriate rather than just ignore their contribution.

If you plan to use the video at a ceremony you may wish to limit the length (to perhaps 4 or 5 minutes) similar to a piece of music. This means you may just want to use a limited number of memories (6 to 8 memories about 30 seconds each). You can always make another longer video to share including all or more of the memories you have gathered as a long term keepsake.

When you review your memories you simply select the order (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.) and our system automatically puts each memory in order. If you choose to not use a memory then the order is automatically adjusted as well. You can swap and change memory order as new ones arrive or at any time.

When you decide to make the final memorial video, the first thing we do is join the memories in the order chosen by you and add any pauses in between for just music. You can then choose from any of our 400 Royalty Paid tunes listed by Genre or you can upload mp3 tracks of popular music. We then join all your music together and blend in your recorded memories to make a complete audio track ready for the final video.

Yes, you can add any song in mp3 format but you must be aware that certain popular video sites (such as YouTube) check videos for commercial music content and may stop your video being published. Whilst technically you may be in breach of the artist's rights by using it on your video. If it's for personal or private use it is unlikely any complaint will be made. If you want to be completely safe you can freely use any of our 400 Royalty Paid tunes which will allow free use and publication anywhere in the world or on the Internet.

Yes, we allow unlimited reasonable use once you have paid the video processing fee. This may include a shorter video for a ceremony and a longer video with more memories for a long term keepsake.

We will always strive to help you get the very best result out of your memories and look to create a wonderful tribute that will be treasured for years to come. If you remain dissatisfied we will offer you your money back with no quibble however you would not be able to download or share your final video after any refund. We hope you understand that we cannot use our No Quibble Guarantee to allow some customers to get a completely free video.

We can't claim to be the best but we are different for several reasons:

1, We focus on heartfelt spoken memories and getting the very best memories recorded with accompanying music, photos, and video clips.

2, We are dedicated to Memorial/Tribute Videos, we are not a video generalist.

3, We offer advice & assistance at every step.

4, You don't need any video skills to use Gathering Memories, we have focussed on content & simplicity.

5, We are not a monthly subscription service, it is a one-time fee.

6, We are free to use up until you decide to make your final video.

7, We offer a No Quibble Money Back Guarantee to customers who are genuinely dissatisfied with the final video.

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