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The Story Of How Gathering Memories Started

We Had No Idea We Would Be In This Business

Back in 2013, we had no idea we would become pioneers in the Memorial or Tribute Video business. As telecom technology specialists, we had a business that created bespoke audio messages for On Hold on phone systems (those adverts you hear while you're on hold calling into a business).

As technical innovators, we had revolutionized the on-hold market by using great technology to craft and create custom messages. We continue our success in this business (see )

A Sudden Early Death Caused Us To Create A Unique Solution

In September 2013 we found ourselves in a situation where a Brother suddenly died young. Because he was so unique, we needed to find a way to express the sentiments of family & friends uniquely too. Some of our Brothers' friends were far away and couldn't attend the ceremony.

As audio and web technology specialists we came up with the idea to record a few spoken memories from contributors near and far and set them to music. Little did we know that we had created a wonderful platform for gathering thoughts and messages.

Contributors far away used their mobile phones to record a 'memory' and send it to us. Some friends suggested music to use and so we created a short montage to use in the reflective music slot at our Brothers ceremony.

The Response Was Astounding!

The reaction at the ceremony and the wake afterward was nothing short of astounding. Many, many copies of the recordings were requested by friends & family and several years later these remain a great comfort to them.

In Late 2018 We Started Developing Gathering Memories

Our On-Hold capability began to get more sophisticated to the point where we invested in the technology to allow customers to record audio for themselves (which we enhanced) and remove the need for a Voice-Over. We remembered the reaction to the Audio Tribute for our Brother and decided to create a unique service that took advantage of all our new technical capability but was focussed on gathering unique audio memories, set them to music and photo's to deliver an enhanced version of our original idea.

Listen To That Original Recording From 2013

Click below to listen to the original (audio only) recorded tribute for our Brother from back in 2013.

We hope you appreciate how Gathering Memories started and understand our desire to help you create the perfect memorial or video tribute to your loved one.